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As you prepare to get started on your journey, I thought I might add some hints for you. I’ve been very successful through out the years with my various food business ventures. What ever you choice is, it will be you to decide.

I have been in the retail restaurant business, but my best venture has always been the wholesale food concept. You may have noted on this site I placed a link to “How to Make Dog Biscuits” I looked the link over and give it a thumbs up. Why?

When I owned my wholesale cookie bakery, a client approached me with her concept of high quality Dog treats. She had excellent packaging and a very good recipe. But no way to bake off any volume. We came to an agreement that I would do all her baking. This enabled her to save on buying industrial food equipment, renting an adequate space and more expense.

She was successful. I was happy to help her and have a new product to work with and increase my bottom line. The wholesale side of food service will lead to opportunities. You control more of your business. No waiting for a customer to walk into your business. You pick good locations and deliver your product. The customer likely has excellent locations (high rent). You are wholesale, a low rent warehouse will do it for you.

Case in point my cookie bakery six thousand sq. ft. was .25 a foot rent, retail would be about $45.00 a sq. ft. Have a look at how you may get your product to market in this manner. Also my start up in wholesale cost was a $8,000.00 investment. A restaurant by comparison will be $250,000 to $500,000 and that is conservative. Thanks for hanging in there let’s keep going forward.

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