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Learn From a Food Industry Veteran, Carlo Maietto

Food Biz Guys provides an invaluable resource about all aspects of the food service. With my help, you can also be successful. My extensive knowledge comes from my firsthand experience in restaurant ownership and management. Throughout the years, I have become an expert.

What I Want to Share With You Through My Book

My observations from more than 58 years in the food business will be passed to you. “From Croutons to Chocolate” tells you how to be successful in the trade. It contains recommended readings, reviews on products and restaurants, and recipes. Each one is truthful, direct to the point, and personally checked out by yours truly.

Whatever aspect of the food industry you choose, I will help guide and support your passion. You are on your way. I am looking forward to helping you launch the next great food-related success.

A Short Biography

Early Experience

I was born in Connecticut to a large Italian family. At four years old, I began cooking with my beloved grandmother Santa Francoletti. My first culinary experience was limited to stirring the pot or washing vegetables. These were moments when the seed for my culinary passion was planted.

By the time I was ten years old, I was preparing food in my father Luigi’s restaurant. I ran a few business ventures of my own—a lemonade stand—as well.

Background in Culinary

When I got older, I worked at restaurants in the East and West Coast of the USA. I was a cook and mess steward in the Army for a time as well.

I owned a total of three restaurants of which two were successful. In 1982, I opened a profitable large volume wholesale bakery that distributed throughout America and Japan.

To date, I coach start-up food firms in expanding their business. I also help established companies solve problems and stay profitable.